FROM NORTH TO SOUTH - Exchange of Good Practices in Youth Work | Jaunatne smaidam
FROM NORTH TO SOUTH - Exchange of Good Practices in Youth Work
FROM NORTH TO SOUTH - Exchange of Good Practices in Youth Work

"From North to South”: exchange of Good Practices in Youth Work" is KA2 exchange of good practice strategic partnership project.
This project was supposed to last for 7 months and will enable partners Italy, Spain, Sweden, Lithuania and Latvia to share good practices in the field of youth work.
General aim of the project is:
To share Northern and Southern best practices in the field of youth work and provide youth worker with competencies needed for daily youth work.
1 To show unique features of Northern youth work traditions;
2 To share best practices of youth work applied to unprivileged youth (NEETs, ROMA, refugees, young offenders);
3 To share the Don Bosco experience and its Preventive System;
4 To develop participants competencies based on Lithuanian youth worker certification system;
5 Develop an understanding of quality youth work integral with European youth work values (diversity, rule of law, democracy, tolerance and other);
6 To create youth work support system for quality international youth work in the partner countries;
7 To create space for the cooperation of participants and ensure the quality of future Erasmus + projects;
Activities of the project:
We planned to implement 2 educational activities in the framework of the project. Firstly, a 5 day Study visit in Italy and a Training course in Lithuania.
Project number: 2019-3-IT03-KA205-017628
Italy - Sfera Italy
Spain - Associacio Cultura Creativa
Lithuania - Politikos tyrimu ir analizes institutas

We support policy development, build the capacity of institutions & organizations, promote civic participation and Youth work.

Our areas of expertise are cross-sectoral cooperation, research, and analysis, policy development, capacity-building & training, youth policy and youth work development, advocacy work.

The main areas of activities - qualitative research, policy analysis, consultations, operational performance improvement, public and on-demand training courses, initiating networking and international cooperation, supporting cross-sectoral cooperation and mainstreaming participation into various policy fields.

Sweden - Ungdumsfronten
Latvia - Jaunatne smaidam

Youth association "Jaunatne smaidam"/”Youth for Smile” is non-profit non-political youth organization established in 2005. Our vision - We want to be a resource for the sustainability of the local community. Our mission - We are a strong and values-based youth organization that gives opportunities to create, experience and be together.

Our goals are:

Creating - enabling local communities to learn, participate and self-realize;

Experience - to provide experience at the local and international level to promote the personal development of young people;

Being together - creating an environment where young people develop their competencies for the growth of the local community.

Our main target group is children and youth (age group 7-30) in the Bauska region. We are working for all community as such. Main activities - local and international voluntary work, workcamps, outdoor activities, international mobility activities, personal development programmes (AWARD), youth information, non-formal education training, advocacy on youth policy in local, regional and national level.