Iespēja pieteikties apmācībām Zviedrijā! | Jaunatne smaidam
Iespēja pieteikties apmācībām Zviedrijā!

Biedrība "Jaunatne smaidam" meklē 3 dalībniekus starptautiskām apmācībām "Theatre as a Tool for Social Development", kas norisināsies Zviedrijā, Malmē no 12. - 21. jūlijam. Projekts tiks īstenots Erasmus+ programmas ietvaros un ceļa izdevumi tiks segti atbilstoši programmas vadlīnijām (atmaksās līdz 275 EUR).
Pieteikšanās rakstot e-pastu: vai zvanot: 28663569.
Informācija par projektu:
Drama and Theatre has significant implications in inclusion and in learning, although it still searches for its place in school’s everyday life. Participants through Drama and Theatre learn to cooperate and not to compete with each other, to approach knowledge via experiential learning, with emotional involvement, to solve problems, to take decisions, to acquire empathy, and to recognize otherness.
Our training aims to provide youth workers with competencies on how to use theatre and drama technique in their work. Participants, youth workers and youth leaders will build and improve their knowledge on use of drama and theatre in their everyday work as a means for youth inclusion. They will also develop skills for creation of new projects within local and international programs. Effective inclusion of youth in the process of building a modern European society based on tolerance, solidarity, equal chances and respect for differences.